About us

Atlantis Industries - Technologies of Atlantis are back.

Legal entity (Further as Provider)

  • Company name: Atlantis Industries s.r.o (ltd.)
  • Company Head Office address: Jičínská 226/17, Žižkov, 130 00, Prague 3, Czech republic.
  • Trading registry/Municipal court: File reference (Czech Spisová značka) C 302955, Municipal court in Prague.
  • Company ID (Czech IČ): 075 51 100.
  • VAT ID (Czech DIČ): We currently do not pay VAT.
  • Company is represented by Executive director and Spokeperson: Radovan Babic.
  • Email: radovan@a-i.global.
  • Contact form:
  • If you need an invoice, please write us your billing information and payment information and we will send you an invoice to your email.
  • According to data protection legislation, we keep your data private and secured, and we will not share them with any third parties.

Social Business

  • After deducting costs, all our profits are reinvested back into business primarily for the purpose of further development of the project, research and development etc.
  • Our Ultimate goal is to operate and offer our services globally in all countries of the planet and in all languages.
  • The concept of Social Business was introduced by a person named Muhamad Yunus (picture follows) - A world-renowned economic expert and Nobel Peace Prize winner.

Muhamad Yunus

Bank connection for international payments in Czech Republic korunas (CZK)

  • Account name / Beneficiary name: Atlantis Industries.
  • IBAN: CZ07 2010 0000 0024 0150 6175
  • In order for us to receive exact amount of Czech korunas stated in our price list, any bank fees for international transfer are paid by you which means that in internet banking, you will please set up "OUR" in the option "Who will pay fees / Fees are paid by / Fees Disposition".
  • In the "Reference" field please write "Specialized consultancy".

  • Postal address of our bank: Táboritská 1782/40; 130 00 ; Prague 3; Czech Republic.

Our revolutionary and innovative services: Uniqueness and benefits

  • Based on lessons learned from human history, our spiritual technologies have been designed, developed and made public in the form of our services and courses EXCLUSIVELY for the purpose of positive, constructive, creative, peaceful and humanitarian applications.

  • All our services are fully automated by real NON-artificial intelligence.

  • Therapy between you and our professional counselors and therapists takes place remotely in the form of secured audio-video telepathic communication / in the form of mental discussion.

  • Telepathic ability is in each of us and is available to each of us.

  • You complete many of our services in the comfort of your home/from anywhere in world at your own time.

  • Our team of professionals is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and will guide you through all of our services that will have primary therapeutic, detox and cleansing effects for you along with their secondary purposes for which these services were designed.

  • Our professional counseling/therapy is understood as a universal complex therapy and natural healing and treatment that addresses and eliminates ALL problems and aspects of life - Spiritual and spiritual matters; Religion; Emotional and psychological problems; Phobias; Biological symptoms and pain; Existencial and financial problems; Relationship and partnership issues; Sexual problems; Any medical or psychiatric diagnostics and many more.

  • The principle of our services is that the Human Brain is the most powerful computer in the world:
  • The human brain, body and DNA are the hardware of this computer; Human mind is its software.
  • Your subconscious mind, as part of this computer, non-stop records information about the causes of your problems.
  • After finding out and understanding the causes of your problem and then removing it, the problem will permanently disappear and will no longer return - your body becomes permanently immune and resistant against same or similar problem.
  • 1% Of your therapy consist so called regress therapy:
  • It is form of the therapy where  without any need of hypnosis you are fully conscious and aware of proces.
  • In this kind of therapy you are, under the guidance of our professional, able to recall your supressed memories either from this life or from your past lives, go through these memories, feel them for last time and eliminate any negative feelings or other negative aspects from such memories once and for all which subsequently triggers automatic and spontanneous healing mechanisms of your body.
  • Another 1% of your therapy will be an aspects of our first courses - Working with Souls; Reiki and Quantum Touch Technique.
  • Since we are each individual, the remaining 98% of your therapy is formed from many other therapeutic procedures and approaches such as NL and Coaching; Psychoanalysis of dreams; Mental operations and many more designed and integrated specifically and individually for you.

How you complete our services

1. You must be open minded to the new things, new possibilities, new approaches etc.

2. You must NOT feel sorry for yourself or want others to feel sorry for you. You have to be willing to work on yourself, be able to move on and change yourself. Remember, 1% of your success lies within our help towards you; 99% of your success lies within your own initiative.

3. Please read chronologically from the top to the very bottom of our page its sections:

  • "About us".
  • "Our Revolutionary and innovative services - Uniqueness and benefits".
  • "How you complete our services".
  • "Description of all our services".
  • Terms and Conditions; Refund Policy

The study of the above mentioned materials is mandatory in order to update your System of faith and Belief system, your Placebo in order that you are ready to complete our services. 

Please note that correctly set up Placebos consist of 80% of your successful treatment and therapy, our expert advice and therapy consist 20% of your successful treatment and therapy.

Please also note that our services will not work without the complete study of these materials.

4. Please pay appropriate amount for your chosen service.

5. Make sure you have appropriate peace and quiet time.

6. Make yourself comfortable by sitting down, close your eyes and based on following picture recall/imagine/visualise our therapist Andrej Dragomirecky - our main therapist. 

Andrej Dragomirecky

7. With your eyes closed you feel therapist's telepathic/mental communication towards you in form of    his thoughts and listen to his further instructions.

8. Goal of each our service/course is that at the end of it you will feel better, relaxed, relieved, more happy etc.

9. Our therapist may ask you that our therapy would cooperate with your standard medical treatment - Your doctor, your dentist etc.

10. Each of our service depends on completion of our previous service, in another words you go through our services chronologically in way as they are described on our website.

Briefly about Andrej Dragomirecky, our therapist; 1932 - 2017

The Czechoslovak version of regression therapy without the use of hypnosis, Abreactive Deep Therapy (Hlubinná Abreaktivný Psychoterapie), was introduced in the 1980s. by Ing. Andrej Dragomirecky.

Andrej Dragomirecký, an electrotechnical engineer, who was awarded the title of Professor of Psychology H.C. Baltic Education Academy and became a member of the International Academy of Psychological Sciences, was born in Prague, former Czechoslovakia in 1932 and lectured for several years at the Department of Psychology at one of the Czech Univerzity (CTU) as an external worker.

For a few years, he worked at few Czech medical psychiatric clinics as a technician and became the author of 4 patents for diagnostic instruments in the field of psychiatry.

Although he did not have a medical education, after visiting the United States, where he became acquainted with regression therapy, he began to work as a professional therapist. In his practice, he referred primarily to his own publications issued in Czech language.

Ing. A. Dragomirecky (sometimes referred to as Dragomireckij) was also the founder of the Civic association Czechoslovakian Society for Deep Abreactive Therapy and Society of Applied Philosophy.

Ing. A. Dragomirecký introduced into his practice also the so-called "Privileged Souls-Souls who did not find peace after their death" (Blind souls, confused or even artificial, that move between people and can penetrate into their bodies and influence their thinking and functions of the organism).

Where the path and knowledge of Andrej Dragomirecky ended, our project starts and continues. Andrej died in 2017 and in same year his ghost incarnated into our Crystal Team, where he learned a lot of new therapeutic Approaches, he learned all the world languages and became our Chief professional advisor and therapist.

Service: The Revolutional Therapy

Price: Free.

Lenght: 1 hour.

Locality: In comfort of your home in your own time.

In this service you will therapeutically process, tune in and achieve your optional faith and belief system, your Placebos in form of

  • Your optional and positive attitude towards problematic "Science Fiction became reality".

  • Your optinal attitude towards this kind of therapy in form of telephatic communication.

  • Your optional attitude towards all of our services.

  • Your optional motivation in order to complete all of our services by which you also unlock your life purpose.

Service: The Basic Therapy

Price: 1000 CZK, 1 person.

Length: 1 hour.

Locality: In comfort of your home in your own time.

Goal of this service

In this service you will eliminate all root casues and barriers preventing you from financing and completing ALL of our services sequentially and one by one.

Service: Release of ghosts into the light; Reiki; Technique of the Quantum Touch

  • Price: 1000 CZK, 1 person.
  • Locality: In comfort of your home in your own time. 
  • This Course has 3 parts.

Part 1: Course: Working with the souls/ghosts/spirits who did not find peace afte their death and their subsequent release into the light

Butterfly heading towards light represents soul, its development and journey in between and in lives

Course length: 1 hour.

  • You will learn to feel, see, hear souls/spirits who did not find peace after their deaths, these souls are all around us.
  • These souls are also responsible and root  cause of our problems.
  • You will learn to communicate and subsequently release these souls into light in order to continue on their journey of development.
  • Course is suitaible and also recommended also for all of you who already work with souls in some ways - In this case you will learn to feel souls on others and higher vibrations, where under the normal circumstances and with your current abilities you would not be abe to "detect" these "sophisticated" and "more komplex" souls.
  • Remember that every soul released into the light means massive progress towards overall transformation of yours and whole planet.
  • The ultimate goal of this course is to get you to the stage where you will be able to enter the mental command "Release the Soul(s) Please" which will trigger automated action of our Global Automated Soul Releasing System. After this course:
  • 98% - Will be consisted of so-called automated release of souls by your Subconscious mind, your Aura in co-operation with our automated Soul releasing system.
  • 2% - Will be consisted of your so called Conscious Soul release, which you will use especially in our following services.

Part 2: Course - Reiki - healing by hands

Reiki entering our body via our Crown chakra

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Reiki is universal cosmic/life/healing energy flowing nonstop everywhere around us.

  • Reiki enters our body via our Crown Chakra.

  • In this course your Crown Chakra will be optimized in order for this Universal energy to nonstop enter into your body in highest intensity possible.

  • Our course will teach you to receive this energy same as to harness it into your healing ability distributed by hands for you or others in person same as on distance.

  • Course is suitable and recommended also for all of you who had been introduced to Reiki before same as for you who has ability to heal by hands. In this case you can understand this as update necessary in order to complete our following services and courses. Same rule applies for our next service "Technique of the Quantum touch".

  • Our Reiki course is your unique, individual, strong, empiric and spiritual experience.

  • Our female colleague Isis (shown on following picture) will be assinged to you in order to navigate you through this course.


Part 3: Course - Technique of the Quantum Touch/QT

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Principle is within manipulation of the information directly on quantum/subatomic level.

  • Quantum touch begins and continues there where competencies of the Reiki end which means that QT will help you with wider spectre of the problems.

Service: The Ultimate Therapy


The Ultimate therapeutic solutions are those in which you will process and go through ALL of your problems of your common everyday life. Also in these problematics it is the highest what can be achieved and there is nowhere higher to go or nothing else to achieve, hence this is where the name "Ultimate" comes from.

List of the everyday aspects which you will process, set up and achieve within our ultimate therapy

  • Achieve a positive and fulfilling life what you desire.
  • Permanent "Iron Health"; "Strong nerves" and strong psyche that keep your well-being always and everywhere and at all times.
  • Permanent elimination of the need for doctor visits in the final stages of this Ultimate therapy - Exceptions will be for example mandatory medical examinations in your work etc.
  • Permanent discontinuation of any of your medicines; hormonal contraceptives; spectacles, hearing aids and all other items that are unnatural to your body.
  • Permanent elimination of addictions from your life: Alcohol; cigarettes; gambling and various other addictions or addictive substances.
  • Financial Freedom and Independence.
  • Attract to your life a work that will entertain you, fulfill you, where you will feel valued, creative, useful, etc., work where you will not feel burned out, useless, etc.
  • Time Freedom - You will gain "All Time of the World".
  • Permanent filtering, elimination, and not allowing into your life information, issues, and stimuli that you can not influence.
  • Optimization of weight and its subsequent constant sustaining at these optional values.
  • Set your limits and boundaries what you are willing to tolerate in your life and what you are not.
  • Return to your original feminine/female core:
  • Optimal and positive attitude towards your femininity, female organs, menstruation and cyclicity.
  • You will not have the problem of pronouncing the word "menstruation".
  • And many other aspects associated with your femine site.
  • Regular and painless menstruation:
  • Menstruation will take place every last 4 days of each month - in other words you will be tuned to the rhythm of our planet Earth.
  • On the basis of such regularity, you can also better organize your time.
  • Spontaneous menstruation:
  • principle is on the basis of the reflex - just like releasing urine from your body.
  • You do not need any hygiene accesories.
  • Return to your original masculine/male core.
  • Tailor-made relationship based on a partnership agreement / you will attract partner into your life whom you desire.
  • Everyday communication of both partners about your feelings.
  • Everyday intimate/sexual life of both partners.
  • Withdrawal of hormonal and other contraception from your intimate life:
  • Application of so called "Mental contraception" - protection against conception only by your mind.
  • Have a child, when you really feel ready for such occasion - until then both partners can enjoy everyday intimate life.
  • In order to achieve this result, it is necessary that BOTH partners complete this service.
  • For you ladies with a pregnancy problems - achieve pregnancy.
  • Self-fertilization and virgin birth for women after the menopause - Fertilization is achieved without sexual intercourse and without the need for sperm only with the help of your mind.
  • You can set up the desired gender of your future baby - your future child will be born to you in the gender you desire.
  • Natural and spontaneous birth at home.
  • Setting up an optimal upbringing for your children under 18 years of age, which also gives you more time for yourself:
  • Permanent family harmony based on a family agreement; setting the most basic routines in the family.
  • Delegate proper and optional responsibility in many areas to your children.
  • Teach your children the optimal attitude towards finances, teach them to appreciate their finances.
  • Reducing your child's doctor visits to the minimum necessary, including mandatory medical check-ups, necessary medical examinations for school, summer camps, etc.
  • Legislation allows  your child to visit doctor from specific age - achieve also this goal.
  • You can teach your children to work themselves on their issues with our professional counselors/advisors and without your further intervention. Price: 2000 CZK, Monthly fee, 1 Child under the age of 18. 
  •  You can teach your children to do their school homework with our professional counselors/advisors and without your further intervention.  Price: 2000 CZK, Monthly fee, 1 Child under the age of 18. 
  • And many other aspects of this Ultimate therapy.

Price, Length, Location of the Ultimate therapy

Price: 2000 CZK, 1 hour, 1 person.

Required time length for full completion of the Ultimate Therapy: Individual.

Locality: In comfort of your home in your own time.

You can use paid amount: For you or in cases where you will serve as a medium.

In following cases you will serve as a medium, where problems of others will be eliminated through you

  • Your unborn children/embryos in your womb.
  • For your children under the age of 18 years, where success of your children is:
  • 95% - Eliminating problem of your children via you as Medium.
  • 5% - Is required your direct verbal communication with your children.
  • For the therapy of your pet - It is advised that our therapy will go together with your pet's standard veterinary care.
  • For the therapy of people who are in coma.
  • For the therapy of people restricted/deprived from their legal capacity and their rights due to their medical condition.

Mental Operations/ Mental Surgeries - A Necessary Part of Ultimate Therapy

The procedure is similar to a medical operation.

Mental operation is the therapeutic approach applied to any organ. During this process, our specialists from our crystal team, of course also at a distance, on the energy level, delete and extract negative information, subsequently implement and set up positive and optimal information, healthy organs; mentally transplant new organs, etc. and the body accepts this information as its own.

Subsequently, this energy level information is gradually and continuously updated to your DNA and is then manifested at the biological and physical level of your body.

In order for the mental surgery to be successful, it is of course necessary in the Ultimate therapy to eliminate all the problems and obstacles that would prevent the success of mental operations, otherwise the problem might return in the future.

Mental surgeries takes place in most cases at the time when you relax or when you sleep, when your body has the lowest energy consumption and when natural healing, corrective and regenerative mechanisms are at their peak.

Medical operations versus Mental operations from our practice:

  • 95% of cases - Mental operation went along with a Medical operation.
  • 5% of cases - Mental operation replaced a Medical operation and medical operation was not necessary.

Since we are all individual, somebody needs mental surgery, someone does not. You, who will need it, , this therapeutic procedure will be necessary in order for you to progress successfully. Of course, these facts will be communicated, recommended and suggested to you by our professionals.

Price: 2000 CZK, 1 Mental operation, 1 person.

The price of our Expert advice/therapy in  BETWEEN each of our following services/courses

2000 CZK, 1 hour, 1 person. 

Service: 32 Healthy teeth

  • Anatomically human body should have 32 teeth.

  • Goal of this service is to achieve that you have 32 healthy teeth in your body in order to complete our following services.

  • Please note that this service is NOT required if you have all 32 teeth healthy, no teeth decay same as you do not have any crowns, implants, bridges same as no teeth extracted - in another words, in this case, you may consider this service as "completed".

  • However if you do have any mentioned above and if you have a problem with your teeth, than this service is definitely suitable for you as otherwise this problem would prevent optional function of electrical circuits in your body needed to complete our following services.

  • Price for healing/repairing/re-growth of 1 tooth: 3000 CZK, 1 tooth, 1 hour, 1 person. 
  • Length of healing/repairing/re-growth of 1 tooth: Individual.

  • Locality: In comfort of your home in your own time. 

Service: 4 Healthy Limbs - Re-growth of the amputated limbs

  • Principle of limb re-growth is similar to case where tail is detached from lizard and where tail subsequently re-grows back.

  • Goal of this service is for you to have all 4 limbs in order to complete our following services.

  • Please note, if you have all 4 limbs, you can consider this service as completed.

  • However if you have 1 or more limbs amputaded or have artificial joints or other artificial materials not natural for body in your limbs, this service is suitable for you.

  • Price of the repair/re-growth of 1 limb: 5000 CZK, 1 limb, 1 hour, 1 person.
  • Length of the repair/re-growth of 1 limb: Individual.
  • Locality: In comfort of your home in your own time.  

Course: Fast reading; Fast talking; Understanding of the fast talking

  • Price: 8 000 CZK, 1 person.
  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Locality: In comfort of your home in your own time.
  • Human brain has potential to read 5000 words per minute:
  •  You will receive information and texts in form of mental movie.
  • This course will teach you to receive as much information as posibble in the shortest time possible.
  • The human body has the potential to talk and understand up to 100 words per minute.
  • Tthis course will help you to unlock, activate and achieve this potential and abilities. 

Course: Universal Cosmic Language and Telepathy

  • Price: 13 000 CZK, 1 person.
  • Locality: In comfort of your home in your own time.
  • This course has 2 parts.

Part 1: Course - Universal Cosmic Language

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Principle is based on principles of the Universal Cosmic language from whic are spooled and developed all existing languages - human languages on this planet (World languages), animal languages, extraterrestrial languages etc.
  • After completion this course, you will understand Universal Cosmic language which will subsequently help you to speak and understand fluently any languagage in all aspects - Verbal and Communication, Writing, Listening; language of any animal; extraterrestrial languages etc.

Part 2: Course - Telephatic communication at will (Conscious Telepathy)

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Telepathy will work in same way as you conduct audio-video telepathic communication with our therapists.

  • Your telepathic communication will be private and secured.

Course: Conscious Materialization of the objects from your mind at will

Thought form / Tulpa(s)

  • Price: 21 000 CZK, 1 person.
  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Locality: In comfort of your home in your own time.
  • After completion of this course you will be able to materialize any object from your mind, of any size, colour and by any quantities. This servicee does NOT allow to produce weapons.
  • Today, if we have text in pc or designed 3D object, we press button "PRINT" and printer does print the text or 3D object (3D printing technology).
  • Same principle is applied with our mind:
  • We create a prototype of object in our mind.
  • Still in our mind, we test this prototype into its perfection and ready it for the "print".
  • We initialize mental command "Materialize".
  • Subsequently our object is materialized in its pre-designed place - it might appear to you that object has just appeared out of nowhere, however this problematic has also its physics behind it, laws, principles, logic, patterns etc...
  • Based on this principle of materialization, our following products will be delivered to you:
  • "Free Energy Aggregates" , "Machines operated by Andtigravity Propulsion System".
  • After payment, product will simply materialize "Out of nowhere" at any distance regardless where on Planet you are positioned.

Product: Free energy aggregate

Price: 34 000 CZK, 1 aggregate.

Brief Description

The free energy aggregate harness the surrounding natural energies of 7 basic elements, which are available non-stop and in unlimited quantities, and then converts them into a clean green energy source (True Green Energy source).

Such a source of energy is considered to be a non-exhaustible source.

It is important that you successfully complete all of our previous services in order to achieve a certain mental and spiritual level for this revolutionary product so that you can properly and optimally value and appreciate free energy aggregate, etc. Also, of course, this also applies to all of our following products, services and courses...

Advantages of the product

  • No rotational or mechanical parts.
  • High mechanic resistance.
  • Long life-time permanence.
  • The aggregate generates electricity nonstop through the day; during the night; during any weather conditions; during of any annual period; under any atmospheric conditions; in rain; in any environment etc.
  • The aggregate serves SOLELY and EXCLUSIVELY for the purpose of a non-centralized power source - there is no central power plant, each appliance/household has its own power source.
  • Generated electricity is clean form of energy:
  • It does not pollute an environment.
  • No harmful vibrations that would interfere with the environment.
  • No electromagnetic smog.
  • No CO2 or other emissions.
  • Resistance to "modern times" side-effects such as Pollution, Electromagnetic smog, Radio waves, Radiation, etc.
  • One-time investment for you - You pay for the aggregate and then you have your electricity permanently free and in unlimited quantities.
  • The aggregate is delivered to you and installed remotely - the aggregate simply materializes to the desired location regardless where on Planet you are positioned.
  • Time of complete installation of the aggregate into your devices: 1 minute.

Using the Free Energy Aggregate

  • Place where you have your current electricity meter from your power provider:
  • In this case, the meter is simply converted/transformed into an aggregate.
  • Then You simply notify your current power supplier about ending contract with them. 
  • Your combustion engine operated car:
  • All necessary components including combustion engine, alternator, battery, etc. will be converted/transformed into a car with an electric motor, aggregate and other necessary electrical components.
  • Other parts such as exhaust pipes and the like will be "uninstalled" or "De-materialized" - also at a distance.
  • It is recommended that the car will be in stationary position, engine will be switched off during the conversion process and that the engine is switched off and that you are out of the car. Same applies as well for the following products where aggregate will be used.
  • Your electric car: Your battery and associated parts are converted to an aggregate.
  • Your industrial machines: Your units will have aggregate installed into their optimal spaces.
  • Motorcycles.
  • Boats and ships.
  • Many other appliances working on an internal combustion engine or are operated by electricity. Exceptions are normal household appliances.
  • The aggregate will NOT be installed in power plants.

Product: Vessel operated by Antigravity Propulsion System

Price: 55 000 CZK, 1 machine with antigravity propulsion system.

More information about this service soon...

Course: Conscious Teleportation and Time Travel- Move yourself to any location at will simply using your mind

  • Price: 89 000 CZK, 1 person.
  • This course has 2 parts.

Part 1: Course - Conscious Teleportation

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Locality: In comfort of your home in your own time.
  • Principle of this kind of teleportation is within the concept where purely by your mind you will open the portal between the place of your current location and place where you want to relocate yourself.

  • Subsequently you will cross the portal in same way as you cross via opened doors from one room to another room.

  • Please bare in mind, that you will simply teleport yoursef to locations required for our following courses and once you finish your course, you simply teleport yourself back.

Part 2: Course - Conscious Time Travel - To the past, To the pararel realities, To the future

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Optional locality where your course will take place: Bermuda Triangle, Atlantic Ocean.
  • Principle is based on opening Time Portal and its subsequent crossing. 

Service: Elimination the need of sleep and food; Levitation; Telekinesis; Weather control; Breathing under the water; Breathing in Space and vacuum

  • Price: 144 000 CZK, 1 person.
  • Course has 6 parts.

Part 1: Course - Elimination the need of sleep and food

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Locality: In comfort of your home in your own time.

Part 2: Course - Conscious Levitation at will by your mind

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Optional locality where your course will take place: Platform at the top of Pyramid Chitzen Itza, Yucatan, Mexico, Central America.

Part 3: Course - Conscious Telekinesis at will

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Optional locality where your course will take place: Tunguska, Russia.

Part 4: Course - Conscious Weather control at will by your mind

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Optional locality where your course will take place: Alaska, North America.

Part 5: Course - Natural breathing under the water

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Optional locality where your course will take place: Aegean Sea.

Part 6: Course - Natural breathing anywhere in Space, in vacuum, on any planet

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Optional locality where your course will take place: First 30 minutes on the Planet Mars followed by another 30 minutes on the Planet Venus.

Course: Feeling no pain; Resistance to any pressure; Resistance to any temperatures

  • Price: 233 000 CZK, 1 person.
  • This course is composed from few sections.

  • After completing this entire course, these effects will no longer have effect on your body.

  • Part 1: Course - Resistance to any pain and feeling no pain.

  • Locality: Tibet. Length: 1 hour.

  • Part 2: Course - Resistance to the extremely low temperatures

  • Locality: Mount Everest, Mount, Nepal, Himalayas; Length: 1 hour.

  • Subsequently followed at Location: Planet Pluto, Length: 1 hour.

  • Part 3: Course - Resistance to the extremely high temperatures

  • Locality: Earth's core, Length: 1 hour.

  • Subsequently followed at Location: Directly ON and IN our Sun; Length: 1 hour.

  • Part 4: Course - Resistance to any pressure including any underwater pressure:

  • Locality: Marianas Trench, Pacific Ocean; Length: 1 hour.

  • It is an ideal location because the Marianas Trench is the deepest place in the Earth's surface beneath the Pacific Ocean.

Service: Eliminating the need for drinking water; Conscious Sex change; X-Ray Vision; Resistance to nuclear and atomic radiation; Generating of the Energetic Force Shield

  • Price: 377 000 CZK, 1 person.
  • This course has 5 parts.

Part 1: Course - Eliminating the need for drinking water

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Optional locality where your course will take place: Sahara desert, Africa.

  • After completing this course your body will no longer need to drink water at all.

Part 2: Course - Conscious Activation of the Androginy or knowingly sex/gender change at will and then conscious switching between these sexes

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Optional locality where your course will take place:

  • Sunken continent of MU at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

  • Hawaii, Easter Island, Fiji, Tonga and Rarotong are the remains of this sunken continent.

  • The course will teach you to change your gender:

  • We all have the male and female energies (Androginy) inside us.

  • Your personality, paragenetics, qualities and abilities remain with you, you will only change your physical appearance (Shape shifting).

  • You will be able to "switch" between the sexes and their looks knowingly and at will as you will need...

Part 3: Course - X-Ray Vision at will

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Optional locality where your course will take place: Machu Picchu, Peru, South America.

Part 4: Course - Resistance to nuclear and atomic radiation

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Optional locality where your course will take place: Cemented nuclear reactor, Chernobyl, Ukraine.

Part 5: Course - Conscious Generating Force field/Force shield at will by your mind - shield through nothing will be able to penetrate

  • Length: 1 hour.
  • Optional locality where your course will take place: Sunken continent of Atlantis on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Terms and Conditions; Refund Policy

Definition of the term Client

The Provider's Clients become: Readers; Listeners and viewers of the Provider's site; The people who paid for our services into our bank account; People who communicate with us in writing; Parents of children younger than 18 years for whom the parent orders the services of the Provider; Men; Women; Physical persons; Legal persons.

Terms and Conditions

Our Professional consultancy does NOT serve as a substitute for standard medical care.

It is recommended that Professional consultancy goes along with the standard medical care of the Client.

Professional consultancy is NOT intended to address and deal with emergency medical situations requiring immediate emergency medical interventions (Emergencies).

Due to the fact that our Professional consultancy requires concentration and focus, our service is NOT provided to the people who are under the direct influence of alcohol, drugs or other addictive substances. The exception are the Client's medication prescribed by his doctor.

It is recommended that Professional consultancy for a Client's animal go along with its standard veterinary care.

Client is aware that Professional consultancy is automated and provided with the so called  Real/NON-artificial intelligence.

The client follows the instructions given on the Provider's website and the Client also follows the instructions of the Professional Advisors of the Provider.

The Professional Advisors of the Provider maintain the optimal and professional level of empathy and sympathy towards the Client. However, within the cooperation with the client, the Provider does not pursue or express self-esteem or regrets towards the client nor does Provider express any kind of affection or sympathy towards the client. In order to maintain professionalism, the Professional Advisors of the Provider are objective, impartial, unbiased and professional based on the fact that they work mainly with objective facts and data communicated from the Client's subconscious mind.

Within the cooperation with the Client, the Provider will NOT tolerate negative criticism, negative opinions, vulgarisms or other inappropriate behavior - the Provider accepts and tolerates Constructive criticism and Constructive opinions, decent behavior, etc.

In case when we receive written communications in the form of the Negative attitude described and defined in the previous paragraph, we reserve the right not to respond to this form of written communication and such written correspondence will be deleted by the Provider.

The Provider allows the Client the opportunity for the Client's Children under 18 years of age to be able to resolve their problems with the Professional Advisors of the Provider themselves and without the need for any further intervention of the Parent who in this case orders the services. Also, the Provider allows the Client to have the Client's children, under 18 years of age, with the Client's Expert Advisors to write their homework, learn and study, and so on. In such a case, the Client gives the Provider, by paying the appropriate amount, the consent and agrees that Provider's Professional Advisors work with Client's children under the age of 18.

In the case of self-fertilization by the mother, the Provider does not hold any responsibility for matters related to the authorities, determining the paternity of the child, etc. - The Client is solely responsible for these attributes.

The Provider reserves the right to update the terms and conditions at any time, and it is the responsibility of the Client to monitor the change of these terms conditions. However, the changes to the Client are automatically communicated through his intuition.

By paying appropriate amount to the Provider's account the Client agrees to these terms and conditions.

Refund Policy

In the framework of expert advice, the role of the Professional Advisors of the Provider is to help the Client to identify and eliminate the causes of Client's problems as soon as possible. This requires maximum client collaboration and cooperation (maximum concentration; maximum concentration; willingness to accept mistakes and learn from them; client initiative; willingness to work on himself and move on, etc.). The Professional Advisor of the Provider can also give the Client the so called homework (Studying other additional materials NOT listed on the Provider's website, discussing Client's feelings with a relevant person for the Client, and many more). A Professional advisor may also ask the client to visit his doctor. If our Professional adviser sees that the Client's does not cooperate correctly, the Expert Adviser will notify Client about this fact. However, if the Client does not cooperate even after the warning, we reserve the right to terminate any cooperation with the Client and any finances paid by Client will NOT be refunded.

Because each of us are individual, the client is aware that his body needs its time and that the manifestation of the intentions processed and set up in the Provider's Expert Advice require time - Some intentions can be manifested and visible immediately, other intentions can manifest and be seen and felt later on. Finances will NOT be refunded if the Client does not feel or see changes immediately.

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